Mom says…

20 05 2009

This morning I had an amusing experience with my son.  That’s a conversation between, actually a rhyme recitation by, my husband(H) and my toddler son(S). It went like this: 

H: Dog says…?

S: Bow Bow


H: Duck says…?

S: Quack Quack


H: Pig says..?

S: Oink Oink


H: Amma(Mom) says…?

S: Bujjinanna Bujjinanna ( Bujjinanna can be vaguely translated as ‘little one’) 


That’s what I usually call my son. 

Ha ha ha!



2 responses

22 05 2009

For the same question, my niece says “aiyeeeeee aiyeeeeee” …I often ask my niece this question and make fun of my sil……

22 05 2009

Ha ha! So cute! How old is she?

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