Criticism against Dan Brown

18 05 2009

I was really surprised, when I encountered this statement: “Dan Brown is the author that his peers most love to hate” in an article on 

Here is what Jodi Picoult has to say about him and his Da Vinci Code:“I don’t understand the hype over such a poorly written novel – and as an author who does all her own research, I know better than to consider myself an expert in the field I am writing about,” she told the Daily Mail. “I believe this was an error in judgment for this particular author.” 

As I googled a bit, I found so many who hate his works and his style. There are certainly more than a handful out there who feel that he is a horrible writer.  

Look at these two:

But those are his readers. I couldn’t find any more references to the authors actually slamming down Dan Brown. 

While I can see the controversy his Da Vinci Code raised, I definitely don’t think he’s crappy. While I agree that all his works and characters sound a lot similar, I don’t agree that they are poorly written.  For me, they are the best page tuners I’ve ever read – totally gripping. I had bad experience only with Deception Point, but I think that’s only because I picked it up in the end after finishing off all the other three and his style just became monotonous. 

I may not be qualified to comment on the literary value of his works, but  I feel that they are bestsellers for a reason, a good one at that. 

Right now, I’m just curious as to why his peers hate him and why some feel his writing is gross..!




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