The Last Leaf

11 05 2009

I’ve always been a fan of short stories, though I haven’t read too many of them. I especially like O.Henry for his beautiful and heart touching stories. One story that stays forever in my memory is  ‘The Last Leaf’. 

In that story, a girl is stricken by fatal Pneumonia. Only her determination to live will increase her chances to recover. However, she resigns herself to the inevitable death and believes that she will die when the all the leaves of the ivy on the opposite wall outside the window fall (It’s Fall season). In three days, the number of leaves on the ivy reduces from a hundred to just five.  And at last there was only one leaf left on the ivy. But even after a long night of heavy wind and rain, she finds the leaf still clinging to the ivy in the morning. And she interprets this miracle as a signal to her that she has to let herself live. As soon as her spirits lift up, she starts feeling better and embarks on the journey to recovery. 

Curious to know how the leaf had managed to stay in its place? Read the story here to find out. It’s really very touching.



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