Free the mind from expectations

5 05 2009

Sometime back my husband attended an Art of Living course. One day after the class, he came back home and revealed to me an all-powerful solution to most emotional suffering.

It goes something like this: if we accept things and people as they are, without any expectations, there wouldn’t be any inner turmoil.

When I first heard it, I didn’t realize the full magnitude of its significance. But slowly I kept mulling over it in the face of a number of personal issues. And began to understand the truth and depth of its meaning.

Most of the times, we have trouble in our relationships because of our conscious and subconscious expectations. We expect certain kind of gesture or behavior or words from others and become upset or angry when their reaction is completely different.

We simply dislike a person because he or she does not meet our expectations. We set standards, partly our own and partly passed on to us from others or society in general and like to see things and people performing within that standards. This kind of thought pattern has become so inherent in our personalities that most of the times we are just unaware of it.

As I started to apply it to simple situations in my life, I suddenly felt free of stress and burden and my heart felt light. Of course, I still have a long way to go to fully apply it to everything and everyone in my life and only then I can really experience the full impact of this deceptively simple principle.

However, I have to admit that it’s really very difficult to reach that ideal state: to be completely free of expectations of all kind. Still, that’s the direction one should move forward , for one’s own mental peace, if not for anything else.




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